Benefits of Postcard Printing Services

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Benefits of Printing and Using Postcards in Orange County, CA.

As an Orange County printing company, we have the first-hand experience that shows postcards present a wide range of benefits that you can't afford to ignore in Orange County. Before we consider where you can get high-quality postcards that meet your requirements in Orange County, let's highlight the critical benefits that our customers reap by using this simple yet effective marketing tool.

  1. High Readership

Almost everyone reads postcards. You’ll realize that most of your customers take in your message as soon as the card reaches their hands. 

  1. Economy

When you entrust your business postcard Printing requirements with us, your postcards will cost less to produce and mail. A single card doesn’t require card any folding or inserting charges. Moreover, it can be cheaper to mail first class rather than at bulk third-class rates. Also, when you mail to very few sales prospects, our first-class postcards (maximum size 4-1/4" x 6") will cost less in postage than the traditional first-class letters.

  1. Versatility

Double postcards can stimulate a very high response. As you might be aware, the address panel of a postcard already has your customer’s name and address. This implies—at little or no cost—you can duplicate the addressing information on the second card, which in turn, becomes a convenient preprinted order device that your prospect just drops in the mail.

  1. Easy To Print 

Even if you decide to print four-color postcards, you still can save money by printing them in gang runs on sheets of 19" x 25" stock. We can then have them trimmed to postcard size. That way, the production cost can be reduced for four different sets of 5,000 cards each.

  1. Simple To Schedule Mailings

Just tell us when you need to mail which cards to your prospect list. We know many astute advertisers mail postcards at three- or eight-week intervals. That hints customers to pick up the phone and call you anytime they’re ready to do business.

  1. Fast Market Research

Use double postcards. It’s advisable to go easy on the number of questions you include in your postcard. Also, ask respondents to mail the reply card back to you in time, preferably by a given deadline date—or to fax it!


  1. Persistence

Depending on your mailing schedule, the postcard advertising will jog your clients’ memories about you and what you have to offer—once a month, or even more often!


How will you mail your postcards In Orange County?

Postcards that you mail


  • You can mail your postcards on an as-needed basis.
  • You can hand-address each postcard.
  • You can add handwritten comments or notes.

Postcards that we mail for you


  • The entire mail list can be addressed automatically by machine.
  • Your mailing list will be prepared properly by verifying that the addresses are deliverable.
  • Your mailing list will be updated according to the NCOA database.
  • Your mailing list is well-sorted to qualify for the lowest possible automated postage rates.

Final Thoughts

Use a postcard as an easy and economical way to stay in touch with existing clients. They know you already. Therefore you need not introduce yourself and what you have to offer all over again. 

Blend self-mailing units into a seamless continuity program to save money. Postcards are a low-cost way to create a “show of hands” of prospective customers who would like additional info about your company in Orange County, CA.

So anytime you want the best-quality postcard designed and printed for your business be sure to hire us as your go to Orange County Printing Services, contact us for a fast and affordable quote.

Printing Do's and Dont's

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7 Printing Do's and Dont's for Printing in Orange County


When you have printing jobs in Orange County, CA, you want the assignment to be handled by professionals who understand the printing job. Entrust your priming assignment to an Orange County Printing Company that not only knows the dos and don’ts of high-quality printing but also puts this knowledge into practice. That is what we do here. 

Whether you want brochure printing, business cards, or postcards, you need to entrust your job to a print who knows which mistakes to avoid as this will ensure the printer gets the job right the first tie. Of course, this will save you the agony of wasting time and resources on repeat jobs. 

To ensure success, we follow these eight “Do’s” and “Don’ts”:


We must get your expectations right from the beginning. That is why we take out time to get your design and message right. We always ask for clarification when some aspect of the design or message is not clear.


We never assume we know what you want. We don't replicate jobs based on the notion that your job looks similar to another job we had done.


We always keep our designer up to date.


In light of the above, we always tell our designers about any changes that might become necessary in the layout. This communication with our designers is essential. We don't just inform them of the changes, we also should inform them of potential changes. Your designer should always have an idea of what to expect in the future.


AS your professional printers in Orange County we always have everything we’ve done proofread before finalization.


We don’t forget to use our professional proofreader and editor to polish the job before printing. Once the layout is complete and our designer has delivered the digital artwork, our professional editor goes through and inspects everything. The editor proofreads every single detail to ensure you get clean and flawless prints; no typos, no factual errors.


Once we are done with the above, we go through our elaborate prepress procedures.


We are keen not to forget anything like we ensure the page numbers are in order. Even after the editor proofreads, we still go through the prepress procedure.  We know our designer's and writers' prepress procedures. This process enables us to know what to expect from them even before the actual printing is done. We are aware that if anything is overlooked during prepress, for instance, an incorrect page number, it will cost us. Besides, we don't want you ending up with error-filled prints, no matter how small the errors might be.


We are constantly educating our team about the printing and publishing business. By doing this, we are always abreast with new knowledge, skills, and technologies to handle any Orange County Printing job using state-of-the-art technology.


We don't assume the skills and experience that our team has been sufficient. The world is changing, and so is printing. We don't forget that our customers live in a global village and are exposed to new ways of doing things. We have to keep abreast with the innovations and changes in the printing landscape.


We endeavor to examine different types of printing paper to ensure it fits the intended purpose. 


Rest assured, we don't choose a brand of stock paper unless we are sure that it is suitable for your printing needs. There are myriads of paper stock brands, varieties, and weights, out there for everything from magazines to business card printing to magazines. For instance, take your time and look through other cards, magazines, or books. What kind of paper do you feel would suit your printing needs? 

That is why we stock the best brands and the correct type of printing paper to meet the needs of orange county printing.


We use high-quality equipment and supplies.


We don’t settle with cheap or sub-standard equipment; we know if we do so, we'll get what we pay for - poor quality.  Such sub-par equipment and supplies would compromise the quality of work we deliver to our customers in Orange County. And that is far from who we are and what we do. 

Our primary objective is to meet and exceed your printing expectations in terms of quality and turnaround time. High-quality equipment and supplies, be it printers, printer ink, stock paper, and computer software, is one of our defining hallmarks in Orange County. 

Every time you need Orange County printing services, contact us. We know what matters most for quick, high-quality printing services in this location.

How to get the Best Printing Services in Orange County

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How to get Excellent Printing Services in Orange County

Our Orange County Printing Company is here for you. We will accommodate any of your printing needs. We are experts in matching the correct size press and process for your job. We will print everything from magazines, directories, catalogs, brochures, annual reports to personalized inserts, customized covers, and creative direct mail pieces. We maintain a large inventory of papers is to enable reliable scheduling and additional savings.

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of specialized services to our customers in Orange County. Consider the following:

Web Offset Press

Our web offset presses are ideal for large quantities of printing as they offer horsepower and quick turnaround for us as publishers. We provide nearly 30 different standard folded signatures ranging in size from slim Jim, quarter fold, to digest, and many sheeted products. Automated controls and inline camera inspection ensure color management and register guidance.

Sheetfed Press

As an additional press option, our 4-color perfecting sheetfed press adds the much-needed scheduling flexibility to the pressroom on both short and long-run jobs. 


Direct mail, annual reports brochures, inserts, media guides, and newsletters are among the most popular products that we make on this press.


Digital Press

Our digital press is an ideal service for shorter runs and quick turnarounds.  This press has variable printing; thus, it offers a customized experience for your target audience. This press achieves this by personalizing promo cards, coupons, and inserts.


Bindery Finishing

We have a proficient team of experts for this service in Orange County. We will do any kind of bindery and finishing that you might want. This bindery includes:

Coil Binding

Coil Binding gives your book a polished look. It is comprised of a plastic spiral that’s applied to the binding edge of the book. These Coil Binding books lay flat when you close them and can be folded open to allow you to hold the book with one hand.


Wire Binding

Our other popular binding alternative is Wire Binding.  This binding is similar to Coil Binding, but it uses a wire applied to the binding edge of your book instead of a spiral. These books lay flat when closed. Besides, they can be folded open to enable you to hold your book with one hand. Wire binding is also referred to as “double-o”, “twin loop”, and “wire bind”.


Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is a popular choice in the printing industry. It refers to a bookbinding style in which folded sheets are gathered together then stapled in the crease. This method is used for thin or small-looking book projects. Our saddle stitching is perfect for publications such as newsletters and magazines.


Perfect Binding is an excellent solution when need the book to last long. Unlike the other binding methods, this approach uses glue to bind the interior pages firmly to the inside of the cover’s spine.  Our Perfect bounding is ideal for thicker books and a popular choice for informative booklets and manuals.


Any Other Type of Binding

Not all projects follow the rules. Maybe you have something else in mind. No problem! Contact one of our Orange County Printing specialists today and we can accommodate your unique project needs!



We offer full-service design. This design composition and layout meet and exceed your expectations your demands. We can also work with your existing files irrespective of whether they were created on a PC or Mac. We work with the prevalent software such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. but can also accept files in Publisher or PageMaker to meet your needs.

Anytime you want high-quality and budget-friendly Orange County Printing Services, contact us for a free quote and excellent printing services to meet your needs.

Hiring an Orange County Printing Company

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Benefits of Hiring Our Orange County Printing Company

Can you give us a minute to read your mind about print marketing? 

When looking forward to hiring a printing service company, perhaps you aim to get an eye-catching piece of marketing stuff. You don't wish to spend umpteen time being a slave over the design. Sounds boring right?

You also desire to have utmost faith concerning the end product. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a good piece that you'll admire and won't be embarrassed about while handing out business prospects during that tradeshow.

Many folks prefer printing their marketing materials personally. But there are too many frustrations and wasted money in the long run. However, here are five key benefits of hiring a full-service printing company to handle your marketing pieces.

Read on, get inspired!

  1. Find Print Experts on Your Side.

You desire your company top-of-mind when your clients need print media

At Orange County printing company, you'll get in-house experts with many years of skills in the industry of printing.

The company understands what you are looking for and will assist you in navigating through proper decisions plus proofing aspects that perhaps you didn't know. Things like cardstock, paper, and finishes. 

Additionally, the company will provide you vital print options that will function best for your printing project.

  1. Receive Stress-Free Project Management 

Nobody wishes to be stressed concerning a single detail of the printing process. Each cycle of the way, the project is managed and delivered to your doorstep.

At Orange county printing, immediately you give us your message and everything you wish to appear on the print, then we'll perform a job-in-house work. Our services include writing, optional printing design, file uploading, proofing, and post-print delivery.

  1. Getting the best Print Solution for You.

Did you know that for your business to grow, you must be innovative and economical?

Orange County printing company has the best connections with many successful print sources, all of those who have specific expertise areas. Our wholesale printing prices will motivate us to serve you properly for the same amount (or even less!) than working on the project personally via an online resource.

The company shall work with you, providing you a range of quality options plus specialized attention that you won't get in any other place.

  1. Digital Printing

Currently, there is high demand for digital printing services. 

Orange County printing stays up-to-date with the current printing trends within the printing industry and delivers a digital way out for the optimum outcome. The company uses the best printing tools and high-end printers to provide every type of web-based and images printed on paper. 

Whether you have complex printing needs or simple designs, the company will do everything for you! You don't need to waste your cash walking up to the company to get your visiting cards or brochures printed. Pick your smartphone and make an order online.

Wrap up!

We genuinely believe in everything we can offer you! You don't have to be stressed concerning the timeliness and quality of your print project, Orange county printing Company will do everything as per your desires.

We are here to help you grow by managing marketing projects that sound unfamiliar to you. 

Are you ready to start passing out eye-catching booklets, cards, flyers, and more? If yes, why wait? Get in touch with us at Orange County printing company.