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How to get Excellent Printing Services in Orange County

Our Orange County Printing Company is here for you. We will accommodate any of your printing needs. We are experts in matching the correct size press and process for your job. We will print everything from magazines, directories, catalogs, brochures, annual reports to personalized inserts, customized covers, and creative direct mail pieces. We maintain a large inventory of papers is to enable reliable scheduling and additional savings.

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of specialized services to our customers in Orange County. Consider the following:

Web Offset Press

Our web offset presses are ideal for large quantities of printing as they offer horsepower and quick turnaround for us as publishers. We provide nearly 30 different standard folded signatures ranging in size from slim Jim, quarter fold, to digest, and many sheeted products. Automated controls and inline camera inspection ensure color management and register guidance.

Sheetfed Press

As an additional press option, our 4-color perfecting sheetfed press adds the much-needed scheduling flexibility to the pressroom on both short and long-run jobs. 


Direct mail, annual reports brochures, inserts, media guides, and newsletters are among the most popular products that we make on this press.


Digital Press

Our digital press is an ideal service for shorter runs and quick turnarounds.  This press has variable printing; thus, it offers a customized experience for your target audience. This press achieves this by personalizing promo cards, coupons, and inserts.


Bindery Finishing

We have a proficient team of experts for this service in Orange County. We will do any kind of bindery and finishing that you might want. This bindery includes:

Coil Binding

Coil Binding gives your book a polished look. It is comprised of a plastic spiral that’s applied to the binding edge of the book. These Coil Binding books lay flat when you close them and can be folded open to allow you to hold the book with one hand.


Wire Binding

Our other popular binding alternative is Wire Binding.  This binding is similar to Coil Binding, but it uses a wire applied to the binding edge of your book instead of a spiral. These books lay flat when closed. Besides, they can be folded open to enable you to hold your book with one hand. Wire binding is also referred to as “double-o”, “twin loop”, and “wire bind”.


Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is a popular choice in the printing industry. It refers to a bookbinding style in which folded sheets are gathered together then stapled in the crease. This method is used for thin or small-looking book projects. Our saddle stitching is perfect for publications such as newsletters and magazines.


Perfect Binding is an excellent solution when need the book to last long. Unlike the other binding methods, this approach uses glue to bind the interior pages firmly to the inside of the cover’s spine.  Our Perfect bounding is ideal for thicker books and a popular choice for informative booklets and manuals.


Any Other Type of Binding

Not all projects follow the rules. Maybe you have something else in mind. No problem! Contact one of our Orange County Printing specialists today and we can accommodate your unique project needs!



We offer full-service design. This design composition and layout meet and exceed your expectations your demands. We can also work with your existing files irrespective of whether they were created on a PC or Mac. We work with the prevalent software such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. but can also accept files in Publisher or PageMaker to meet your needs.

Anytime you want high-quality and budget-friendly Orange County Printing Services, contact us for a free quote and excellent printing services to meet your needs.